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Answers To Common Family Law Questions

Family law is a complicated and nuanced area. When you’re going through a major family transition, such as divorce, you understandably may have many questions. Below, you will find answers to some frequently asked questions that I hear in my practice.

I’m Troy Klein, a board-certified marital and family law attorney based in West Palm Beach. I handle family law cases of all kinds, including appeals. You can turn to me for answers to questions about your situation.

Is Florida a community property state?

No. Florida approaches property division from an equitable distribution standard, which means taking into account all of the circumstances to determine a fair division of property.

Do you need a lawyer for a divorce?

While you aren’t legally required to have a lawyer for divorce, it’s wise to have one. Even if you believe your divorce will be amicable, complicated legal issues can arise, and the case could become contentious. You should at minimum have an attorney review your situation to ensure that you aren’t giving up valuable rights.

What are child custody rules in Florida?

The best interests of the children are the overarching standard for child custody decisions (called “time-sharing” under Florida law). The law presumes that it’s generally in the best interests of children to have regular and consistent contact with both parents. The details of the time-sharing arrangement will depend on the specific circumstances of your case.

Can you appeal a family law judgment?

Yes, provided you have grounds for appeal and file before the deadline. Learn more about family law appeals.

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